C A R L A  J.  E A S T O N

                                       s i n g e r ,  s o n g w r i t e r   &   ( s o m e t i m e s )   v i s u a l   a r t i s t 


photography credit: Brian Sweeney 2016

I want people to play with me. I am searching for a potential Utopia. I do not believe that Utopia is an unattainable ideal. An imagined world. Physically existing on paper in words – black and white, a fact – paradoxically only existing 'nowhere' on earth. A fable. I am obsessed with the female voice and how it can be stacked in harmonies to create powerful chords. The body becoming a musical instrument or tool. The rhythmic patterns stemming from playground games. The body skipping. The body tapping. The body breathing. A contained Utopia in itself.I am a girl trying to communicate my 'girl effect'. I am red when I want to be purple.