s i n g e r ,  s o n g w r i t e r   &   ( s o m e t i m e s )   v i s u a l   a r t i s t


B  I  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y


Carla J. Easton (b. 1985) is a singer & songwriter, with a background and education in visual arts, based in Carluke/Glasgow, Scotland. Graduating from the Masters of Fine Art programme at Glasgow School of Art in 2011, Easton has been performing and writing music for ten years, starting with the band Futuristic Retro Champions (years active 2006-2011). Since graduating from the Masters of Fine Art programme, Easton founded the all girl-band TeenCanteen in 2012 and has been writing, singing, recording, releasing and performing as this group for the past 4 years.


2016 saw the release of two critically acclaimed albums written by Easton; ''Homemade Lemonade'' released under the solo alias Ette via Olive Grove Records, and the TeenCanteen debut album ''Say It All With A Kiss'' via Last Night From Glasgow Records.


Both of these records exemplify Easton's passion for polyphonic melodies, stacked harmonies and studio experimentation. With pure polished pop at their core, Easton's songs are melancholic epics packed into 3 minute synth driven mini dramas.

''...a delightful riot of massive beats, swooning harmonies and the gutsy-sweet wonder of front woman Carla Easton and co....'' - The National




TeenCanteen (2011 - present)

Ette (2015 - present)

Jesus Baby! (2012-2013)

Futuristic Retro Champions (2006-2011)

Lovechild (2007)

photo credits

main photo Brian Sweeney

L-R Murray Easton, Ryan McGoverne, Chloe Philip, Brian Sweeney, Allan Lewis